How to improve travel comfort? What to look for?

  • Clothing - comfortable, loose, also adapted to the weather conditions of the destination port
  • Shoes - comfortable, breathable, refrain from taking off on the plane, especially if we are unable to protect ourselves against the emission of an unpleasant foot odor
  • Headphones - it's worth remembering about them!
  • If you experience unpleasant effects from traveling by plane:
    • Nausea - a light meal before the cruise, no alcohol, no coffee, refraining from smoking, eating light snacks during the flight, seating properly in the plane - by the window, on the wing (https://www.esky.pl/porady-dla-podroznych/flights/health-and-safety/motion-sickness-in-the-plane)
    • Ear pain, a feeling of clogging - yawning, sucking candies or chewing gum, possibly nasal drops for clearing (https://www.esky.pl/porady-dla-podroznych/loty/zdrowie-i-bezpieczenstwo/bol-usza-podczas-charging-aircraft)
  • Children - preferably they should be sleepy and sleep during the flight. We should also remember to take their favorite toys, headphones and sweets on board for them :)
  • People who smoke are reminded that smoking is not allowed on the plane, it is also forbidden at airports - except in designated areas