Office and warehouse rental
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Office and warehouse rental
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  3. What is included in the rent?
01 We provide

THE LS CARGO PARK – place for your office and warehouse!

At the LS CARGO PARK, we provide office and warehouse space rental for activities related to transport and forwarding.

All rooms are ready to use on the day of rent. We adjust the rental space to the tenant's needs - after prior arrangement of the necessary infrastructure. 

02 Parking

On the premises of LS CARGO PARK, it is possible to use the car park, which is at the disposal of employees, customers, as well as operational activities carried out by tenants. The car park is equipped with positions with loading ramps with access ramps.

03 What is included in the rent?

What does else the rent for space in LS CARGO PARK include?

Under the agreement, the rent includes all operating costs - including security, cleaning and utilities (electricity, water supply and sewage collection).  The rent does not include access to the Internet and the telephone network, which are the responsibility of the Lessee. However, we provide the possibility of using the Building Headquarters of another Operator. Additionally, as part of the rent, each Tenant has the option of placing the Tenant's marking on the Building and parking spaces in accordance with the LS CARGO PARK marking procedures.


Warehouse areas from 25 sq m have a finish with the load capacity of an industrial floor as standard, so they are prepared for the installation of high storage racks.


Office space from 15 sq m (average 23 sq m) in the basic standard of finishing.

The works performed for the new tenant include: painting, laying the floor covering, adjusting the lighting to the functional layout of the office, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact the Property Manager by email